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Chic Eyes is proud to offer lenses from Nikon Lenswear. Founded in 1917, Nikon has a long and proud history of specialization in high-precision optics, producing everything from telescopes to camera lenses. All of their offerings are produced with Japanese craftsmanship for maximum durability and quality of vision. This tradition continues with their prescription and sunglass lenses, which use the latest in optical technologies to bring you vision quality that you simply can’t get with other brands. Matched with a pair of Chic Eyes’ lightweight and comfortable frames, Nikon lenses are your ultimate vision solution.

Why Nikon Lenswear?

High Quality Materials


For optimal vision, lenses must be made of pure, homogeneous components to let through adequate light. With experience producing a wide array of optical products, Nikon has mastered the development of optical materials. They use this know-how to create some of the thinnest, clearest ophthalmic lenses that can be found on the market today.

Unmatched optical design


In addition to being created from premium materials, lenses must also be specially crafted for individual vision needs; lenses for nearsighted vision will look very different from those that correct farsighted vision, and bifocals have different needs as well. Nikon’s advanced lens design technologies help give you sharper, clearer and distortion-free vision.

Premium coatings


One of the roles of prescription lenses is to control light and reduce reflections. To help accomplish this, Nikon layers its lenses with a special outer coating to repel water and oil, improve scratch resistance, and prevent bothersome static electricity. The result is eyeglasses that are cleaner and more durable.

They're the best


With their premium materials, innovative design, and superior coatings, Nikon ophthalmic lenses provide wearers with outstanding vision quality.


SeeCoat™Next Blue, the ultimate blue light protection in a coating, cutting more harmful light and providing natural colours for wearers to enjoy their screen time.


  • An optimal protection against blue light

  • A minimized reflection and glare*

  • Ultra-precise vision

  • Providing an eyestrain relief

  • Ultimate blue light protection in a coating


The ultimate blue light protection in a coating, providing superior clarity and durability for everyday use.


Best combination of clarity and durability for everyday use

The digital screens emit blue light which could contribute to eyestrain.

SeeCoat™ Next Blue reduces 35% of blue light transmittance, cutting more harmful light and providing natural colours for wearers to enjoy their time on screen.



An ultimate blue light absorber

Thanks to the Blue light Absorber, which absorbs more Blue light and allows a reduction of the reflection levels, SeeCoat™ Next Blue cuts blue light more effectively while maintaining high transmittance of other wavelengths. The result: it protects your eyes more effectively while providing a more natural colour.



*Glare is reduced by 20% vs SeeCoat Blue UV, thanks to the overall reduction of blue reflection.
¹ The Effect of Blue Light on Visual Fatigue when Reading on Led-Backlit Tablets LCDs. Haruo Isono, Apurva Kumar, Takuya Kamimura, Yuuta Noguchi, Hiroyuki Yaguchi. Tokyo Denki University. VHFp2-9L. 2013.
² Blue light (between 380nm to 500nm with harmful blue light up to 455nm).

CHICEYES (3).png

Pure Blue UV, enjoy the purest of light that your eyes deserve with a lens that has built-in all-in-one protection


  • Superior clarity with a whole new level of performance and durability

  • All-in-one protection against UV and part of the harmful blue light

  • Enhanced aesthetics with minimal blue reflection or yellow residual tint

  • Wearers who want to protect from harmful light indoors and outdoors without compromising their appearance.


The ultimate blue light protection in a coating, providing superior clarity and durability for everyday use.


An intelligent light purifier.

Our cutting-edge light purification technology absorbs UV and part of the harmful blue light to provide a long-lasting protection.   (Image shown is for demonstration purpose only)



Combined with SeeCoat Next to offer the best clarity and durability for everyday use.

The most aesthetically-pleasing solution.

A minimum yellow residual tint to see and be seen clearer.



¹ Blue light: Between 380nm to 500nm (with harmful blue light up to 455nm).

² Aesthetics is compared to ECC Blue UV lenses from Nikon in the same measurement conditions (1.6 index).

Interested in Nikon lenses? Contact us today — our optician will help you find the lenses that will best fit your lifestyle.

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