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At Chic Eyes, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled service. Our experienced on-site optician is ready and waiting to help you find the frames and lenses that are perfect for you — with our stylish, high-quality selection, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Once you’ve found your frames, we’ll ensure a perfect fit with our detailed measurement process. The result? Glasses that you’ll be excited to wear, day in and day out.

We also offer complimentary adjustments on any frames, whether they were purchased from Chic Eyes or not. If you need lens cleaner, we cover that too — simply bring in your bottle and we’ll give you a no-charge refill. 

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We have our Optician on-site to help you find your perfect pair of frames and lenses. 


Optometrist to help with all measurements and fitting. 


Complimentary frame adjustments for anyone, anytime, even if the frame is not purchased from Chic Eyes

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Complimentary refills of lens cleaner. Bring your bottle in and we will refill for you.

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