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About us

Chic Eyes was founded in 2015 by Optician Ryan Knight. After providing exceptional eye care services to the King City area for seven years, Ryan decided to move back to his hometown of Thunder Bay in 2022. He hand-picked Dr. Wendy Ng to take over the practice because her values and approach to eye care are similar to his own.

“I am so excited to have Dr. Ng continue growing Chic Eyes’ mission of providing high-quality products coupled with excellent service. I feel reassured knowing that our clients are in great hands!”

– Previous Owner, Ryan Knight

A graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry and Vision Science, Dr. Ng is an award-winning optometrist who grew up near King City. After completing a clinical internship at the Eye Associates of Pinellas in Florida and spending several years practicing in Peterborough, Dr. Ng is excited to return to the community of King. Dr. Ng is licensed to practice in Canada and is a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists and Ontario Association of Optometrists.


“I am passionate about vision care and getting to know my patients and their eye care needs. I love sharing my knowledge so that my patients fully understand their eye health and treatment options. Chic Eyes will continue to provide you with the best selection of eyewear from around the world, and I will be onsite five days a week to provide full-scope optometry services. I look forward to meeting you in the near future and helping you see your best to look your best!”

– Dr. Ng

Our Licensed Optician will continue to be onsite five days a week. Along with Dr. Ng, our Optician will continue to help you find fashionable eyewear that is best suited for your face shape and style. Whether you’re a current client or a new one, stop by soon to experience the new Chic Eyes. With a long track record in King City and a deep commitment to quality service, we don’t just sell glasses — we provide personalized eye care and eyewear solutions.

Chic Eyes is King City’s first optical store and optometry office using the latest technology and imaging equipment. With our Optometrist and Optician onsite 5 days a week, Chic Eyes is committed to giving our patients an amazing personalized experience from the comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Evaluation to the selection of the perfect frame and lenses. Our frames have been carefully curated with the latest trends and fashion styles in mind.

In the News

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Extraordinary recognition for Dr. Wendy Ng! Chic Eyes Optical & Optometry takes pride in being the go-to destination for comprehensive eye care. Dr. Ng's exceptional leadership in children’s eye care has earned her a featured spot in the local newspaper. From innovative techniques and specialized equipment to a diverse range of stylish frames, Chic Eyes is transforming eye health for families in King. Dr. Ng's heartfelt success stories underscore the profound impact of clear vision on a child’s academic journey.


Are your eyes constantly watering? The surprising culprit might be Dry Eye Syndrome! It sounds counterintuitive, but it's a reality many face. Dry Eye Syndrome, often caused by insufficient tear production or poor-quality tears, can lead to discomfort such as burning, stinging, and even excessively watery eyes. At Chic Eyes, we recognize the challenges posed by this common condition and want to shed light on effective solutions. In this article, explore the symptoms, causes, and management strategies for Dry Eye Syndrome.


In the wake of personal tragedy, Douglas Anderson of Dunfermline, Scotland turned grief into innovation. When his son Leif experienced a spontaneous retinal detachment at the tender age of 5, Douglas, motivated by the limitations of traditional eye exams in children, set out to create a groundbreaking solution. In 1994, his vision came to life with the founding of Optos, a company named after the Greek word for vision. The Optomap, born from this journey, is now a revolutionary technology employed by select eye doctors to screen for various eye diseases in both adults and children. At Chic Eyes, we share Douglas's commitment to preventing avoidable blindness, which is why we've invested in the latest Optomap California machine to enhance our patient care.

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In a digital age where screens dominate our daily lives, it's not just adults who are immersed—children too are captivated by screens from an early age. Studies reveal that almost all Canadian children are exposed to screens by the age of 2, with a mere 15% of 3 to 4-year-olds meeting recommended screen time guidelines. From smartphones emitting blue light to home TVs, the challenge is real: how much screen time is too much? 

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Chic Eyes Clinches First Newspaper Feature as Dr. Ng Returns to Lead in King City. In an exciting development for King City, Chic Eyes, one of the town's premier eye care clinic, has garnered its first newspaper feature, coinciding with the return of Dr. Ng, an optometrist, returning to her hometown roots, takes the helm of Chic Eyes, bringing a wave of excitement and pride to the community.

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